Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers with Free Printable

My husband and I were invited to a "dessert potluck" style Christmas sing-along party and I wanted to take something that was fun and cute, but also EASY to make. (This happens to be a theme in my life right now).

I decided to make cupcakes from a box. It would be nice if I had the desire to make everything from scratch, but I don't. And I'm OK with that. :) I'm trying to consciously embrace the gifts of imperfection in my life.

I also don't eat sugar since I deal with autoimmune issues, so I don't usually like to spend too much time on the baking side of things. I'd rather spend more time on the creative possibilities with food presentation.

I made this frosting (which was surprisingly easy), crushed a couple of candy canes to use as sprinkles, and topped them off with the Christmas Tree Cupcakes Toppers.

I cut two toppers (front and back) for each cupcake and taped a toothpick between the two.

It was super easy and turned out pretty well!

Imperfectly fun and creative. Just how I like it. :)

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