My Peaceful January Living Space

I used to hate January. I always felt so sad after the magic of Christmas was over and we had to go back to what felt to me like a boring existence. But over the years, I've learned to love it. Now, it makes me think of things like peace, stillness, tranquility, order, and organization. I still try to make my space feel magical in small ways, but overall, I crave a more simple environment after the holidays are over.

This year I decided to go with a serene (mostly) analogous color palette, with blues, lavenders, and a small pop of fuchsia for a touch of whimsey.

As far as style goes, I'd say I prefer a modern global eclectic style, like this. Sometimes I lean a little more toward the modern and simple side and sometimes more toward the global eclectic side, depending on my mood.

My main pieces are neutral so I can easily add or subtract the pops of color and design with accessories. I love this video and this video that Emily Henderson has that explains how to do this.

So fun!

So here it is. My January living space.

Over the years I have wished for a white sofa because I LOVE white so much, but my husband has convinced me that it would be a bad idea with two kids and a dog at home. I tried to tell him that we could get a slipcover, but he reminded me how much I would hate washing that thing all the time. He is right. I would hate it. :)

So, we decided to go with a textured charcoal sofa set and I love it! I keep several white pillows and throws on it all the time so that I can still get that light and airy look that I like so much, without having to worry about having to wash a white slipcover all the time.

I sprinkled the color palette around the room with throw pillows and blankets,


and framed art and pottery. I found the purple vase at a thrift store and filled it with salt before adding the flower.

My daughter made this bird (below) in her ceramics class and I found the vase at a thrift store.

The pictures below are just framed art paper (one of my favorite wall art hacks). The one on the left is a butterfly origami piece that took me five minutes to make. I framed that one in a shadow-box frame. So easy!

This dried plant is actually a super cool weed that was growing in the back of my old house. When I saw it, I HAD to cut it down and bring it inside! It's so cool!

I also like to sprinkle natural elements around the room to enhance the global eclectic vibe that I like so much. I think this balances out the color palette even more.

And I always have to have my wooden HOPE box out. It reminds me to keep going, even when things seem impossible.

Happy January!

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