My Simplified Christmas Decor

I'm not usually one to simplify my Christmas decor. If one strand of white lights is nice, then twenty must be even better. If one Christmas tree is enough to take my breath away, then three must be the key to transport myself to Christmas heaven.


Seriously, there have been years when the ongoing quest for more and MORE sparkle actually ended up stealing my joy. It somehow was never enough.

So this year, I made the deliberate choice to cut back.

We recently downsized to a townhouse, so I figured it was a good time to make a change in this area as well.

And besides the one time when I woke up in the middle of the night in a state of "panic," I have actually been OK with the fact that we don't even have a full-size Christmas tree.

Well, most of the time anyway. :)

I won't lie and say that I don't wrestle with the occasional thoughts of "more" and "better," but I'm trying.

I'm trying to train my brain to return to a state of gratitude by appreciating the simple things that are right in front of me.

I don't have to have an excessive Christmas in order to have a meaningful and magical Christmas.

So here it is.

My Simplified Christmas Home

I'll start with the front porch and door.

We bought a little tree for the front pot and decorated it with white lights and a few natural-themed accents. (BTW, we had several people comment at the store about how cute this "little" tree was. I think they may have felt sorry for us and our little Charlie Brown tree. :)

I can't believe how much I love the white owl. For only a couple of dollars, it sure adds a huge sparkle of joy for me. I was so happy to see an adorable 3-year-old girl enjoying it as she walked by the other day.

I made the wreath using greenery I already had from previous projects and then added battery-operated fairy lights.

For the inside, I bought a small 4-foot Christmas tree, put it in a pot (filled with rock salt) and placed it on a stool to give it a little more height. Then I went to town with the blush and natural-themed decorations. This is basically the only place where I actually may have overdone it a bit. :)

Lots of ornaments.

Lots of pink.

I know.

This tree was SO fast to put up and decorate, though! It's also going to be SO easy to store!! Yay!

You can see my 13-year-old son building an igloo in the background of this picture below. Who needs a full-size tree when you have an igloo to look at? ;)

Then I sprinkled some blush-colored accent pillows around the room.

And added some blush-colored, Christmas-themed art prints.

Hung some snowball garland (from removable sticky hooks) and one strand of white lights between the kitchen and living room.

Added a few other simple touches and that's it.

I really love it. It's simple, yet warm and festive. It's all I need this year.

By the way, I do realize that a super-simplified Christmas approach is not for everyone. It just happens to be where I'm at during this season of my life. :)

Do what feels right for you this year.

With love,

from Julia

© 2019 by julia dawn olson