© 2019 by julia dawn olson

Painters of Life

We've all heard the phrase "life is a work of art".

And while that sounds beautiful and poetic, what does it really mean?

Does it mean that each of us in engaged in a non-stop creative process of masterful perfection?

That every stroke of paint reveals itself onto the canvas exactly as we envision?

Does it mean that day after day, we are simply in the process of building a collection of pieces ready to hang in the Metropolitan Museum of Art at a moment's notice?

If you've ever stepped foot in an actual artist's studio, you'd probably agree that the answer isn't quite so glamorous.

Because being an artist is messy business.

It takes practice,



and reflection.

It takes curiosity,


and passion.

An artist's studio looks a lot more like a 5 year-old's playroom than a pristine, big-city art gallery.

You'll find half-painted canvases filling the trash cans,

paint splattered all over the walls and floors,

and brushes upon brushes caked with dried-up paint because the artist was too engrossed in her

work to be bothered to stop and clean them.

And so it is with life.

Artfully beautiful, yet so painfully messy.

We all know that in the art of life, people get sick.

Accidents happen.

We lose jobs, make mistakes, and have to say goodbye.

We face fears, worries, and disappointments.

We disagree, argue, and regret,

and yet,

we are still painters.

Seeking to create works of art that matter, despite our ever-changing scenery.

Waking up each new day ready to embrace the colors that lay before us.

We are adaptable and resilient.

We persist when we need to and start over when we must.

Because we are painters of life.