Positive Vibes Only, Not

We've all seen it.

The super cute sign with bold and creative lettering that ever-so-sweetly tells us all that POSITIVE VIBES are the only ones allowed - please and thank you.

Well, I don't know about you, but I happen to live in a world that creates a colorful variety of experiences and therefore emotions within me.

Some days I feel awesome.

Other days not so much.

Are you going to banish me because my dog just died and I just can't seem to "get it together"?

Are you going to walk away from me because I just found out I lost my job?

What about the friend who just lost her mother to cancer?

Are you going to tell her that you just can't be around her because only good vibes are allowed in your space?

What about the sister who just bravely told you that her husband is leaving?

Are you going to quickly walk away so you can find your personal happy place?

What about offering honest human compassion to people who are going through a difficult time?

I'm not saying we should wallow around in misery all the time, but I am saying that maybe we could do better with honoring each other's authentic and very real human experiences and sorrows.

Maybe we can learn to sit with and validate each other's pain, while still holding on to the hope of healing, renewal, and eventual peace and growth.

This pandemic we are all going through seems to be reminding all of us that being human is not always easy.

How about we get rid of this old sign and hang a new one that says

Honest Vibes Welcome

End of story.

© 2019 by julia dawn olson