Simple Mini Cookie Houses

I was looking for an easy Christmas project to do with my son and came across the idea of making mini gingerbread houses. I fell in love with them, (there are so many cute ideas out there) but didn't really want to go through the whole process of making the gingerbread pieces from scratch. I decided to simplify the approach and use these cookies instead. You could probably use almost any cookie that's a square shape.

The cookie version doesn't allow for you to put the houses on the edge of a mug, but I wasn't really making them for that purpose anyway. I just wanted to create a few little houses to add some charm to our Christmas vibe.

And seriously, these are so simple! You only need THREE INGREDIENTS!




My version of this project only took about 20 minutes, which is perfect for me. :) I love an easy DIY! You could spend more time if you wanted to get more detailed and adventurous on the houses, but I just kept mine simple. You could also go ahead and make the gingerbread if that sounds fun to you.

I recommend following the directions on this blog, but just skip the whole part about making the gingerbread if you want to do the easy version.

Here are my directions for cutting out the cookie pieces. Just remember to saw the cookies gently when cutting. If you jump right in and cut the pieces full-force, you'll end up with broken cookie pieces everywhere.

Happy simplified creating!

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